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Hunger Hunt Feast | Strategic Fitness

Sep 7, 2020

Growing up in the rural countryside Germany, Jules found himself living off of a traditional diet.

As an adult, he became a professional model. It goes without saying that, staying lean and healthy is necessary.

After over a year on the Vegan diet, he had many digestive problems as well as joint pain.  His energy fluctuated from the frequent eating and blood sugar spikes, Jules food tracking app showed that he was often eating 100g of fiber a day.

After noticing something wasn't right with his body, he went and got a blood test and discovered his insulin levels were very high.

He realized his diet had to change.

Less than 2 weeks after adding animal protein to his diet and eliminating the excess fiber he had been eating, he felt much stronger in his workouts. He saw a noticeable difference in the way his body looked as well.

Now, Jules will be returning to the US in the fall to launch his health coaching services!



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  • Meet Jules
  • When Jules became vegan
  • The results of veganism
  • Getting back to the basics
  • The importance of a balanced diet
  • Jules workout regiment
  • Is a vegan lifestyle ideal?
  • How fertility is affected by a vegan diet
  • The most selfish thing you can do
  • How social media affects training
  • Skinny doesn't mean healthy